Dare Ring

Dare Ring is an adult game based on Truth Or Dare Download the trailer of this game at Dare Ring

Seven girls showed up to this game, but hey, the more the merrier! so we have 2 players sharing the # 6 spot

Couples May and Michael, Cat and Ray, play together in this DareRing game with Michelle and Megan

If you're not playing DareRing yet, you're wasting the weekend. This is way more fun than football

Balloons, and boobies, and blowjobs, OH MY!

Dressed in our best 80's outfits, though they didn't stay on for long. All good parties should end with an orgy

These train-hopping gutterpunks play the funniest DareRing game so far. Brutally honest confessions

Slumber party game with 6 sexy girls. Find out what girls really talk about when the guys aren't around

Mean Girls. You'll freak when you see what the girls make the guys do. But they get revenge in the end

The guys get an easy game. The girls get competitive and pick on eachother until they're all naked

An all-girl game. All your 'Truth Or Dare' fantasies come true in this one. The final dare is a big surprise

4 girls, 2 guys, you've got to love those odds. Dan is sure to remember this night for the rest of his life

The first DareRing game ever recorded. Tanya's first time with a girl. First time on camera for everyone
How To Play DareRing: The Players Players sit in a circle and are each assigned a number for dice rolls. The game begins with Player 1 drawing a card out of a bag containing all the cards for Round 1. They must then do whatever that card says. Once that Truth or Dare is accomplished, the next player draws a card. The game goes around the circle like this until there are no cards left. Then it is time for the next round. In our game we have 7 rounds. The Preparation You will need a dice and something to hold the cards for each round. Count the cards so that every player gets an equal number of turns. You may need other items too, depending on the dares that you write; a blindfold, ice, washable markers, or a canister of whipped cream. The Cards When you play DareRing, you give control to the cards. You must decide how much you and your friends are willing to risk. Don't use names. Use player numbers or a roll of the dice. DareRing leaves much more to chance than standard Truth or Dare. Here are a few example cards from each round in our game: Round 1: At what age did you lose your virginity? Have you ever engaged in a sexual act with someone of the same sex? If not, would you like to try it? Round 2: Roll the dice. If your number comes up you must remove a piece of clothing. Kiss Player 5 on the mouth. If you are Player 5, put this card back and draw again. Round 3: You may make any player remove a piece of clothing, if you will also take off one of yours. Put on the blindfold. A random player will kiss you, then you must guess who it was. If you guess wrong, take off a piece of clothing. Round 4: Talk dirty. Make it loud and convincing. Be as nasty as you can. Pick any player and personally strip them of something they are wearing. Round 5: Give Player 1 a sexy lap dance. If you are Player 1, put this card back and draw again. Roll the dice. If that player is topless, suck on their nipples for 30 seconds. If that player is not topless, suck on their fingers or toes instead. Round 6: If you are still clothed, you have the option of stripping nude instead of doing this dare. Roll the dice. If that player is naked, give them oral sex for 30 seconds. If they are not nude, skip this turn. You may make any nude player give any other nude player oral sex for 30 seconds if you will then do the same. Round 7: If not nude, this dare is optional: You may make any player who has lost all their clothes perform oral sex on you until you are satsified. The Rules If a dare asks you to involve another player based on a dice roll, and you end up rolling your own number, then roll the dice again. Do not put any card back unless the card instructs you to do so. All dares must be performed in front of all the other players. Players should understand what the stakes are before the game begins. Dares are not optional. If you agree to play, you accept any outcome.

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